New Rotate for OpenMoko

As said before, since I’m not entirely happy with the previous version of Rotate for OpenMoko, also using it as a way to learn how to write programs for it, I’m writing a new version of Rotate for OpenMoko.

I’m now announcing the first results: release 0.1.0 is out (signature)! The tar.gz file contains both source and a binary suited to run on Om200x.y (at least 2008.9 should work).

Be careful, it bytes.. 🙂

$ cat ChangeLog
2008-09-21 - 0.1.0 - First release.
	Current Features:
	* makes some rotations

	Known Issues:
	* reading from the accelerometer hangs after X time/reads
	* some heuristic values may need finetunning (specially when
	  laying around, turned up)

	Near Future:
	* don't rotate when screen is locked
	* change profile to silent/meeting when phone is turned down
	  and revert when it is turned back up

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  1. Awesome! Just one thing. Don’t clutter changelog with TODO entries 😉 It’s better to have seperate files.

    Kind regards,

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