OMNewRotate 0.5.2 is out!

I’ve just release a new version of OMNewRotate (source, it’s OpenPGP signature, an ipkg tested against FSO M4.1 and it’s OpenPGP signature).

Solved in this release, with the help of Kumar, is issue 1, suspend. It’s a solution based on apm suspend/resume scripts, so I expect that to be temporary until a better solution comes along.

Issue 2 is also solved, since it resulted from a typo in the previous releases.


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  1. Hello, I have FSO M4.1 but “opkg install omnewrotate_0.5.2-r0_armv4t.ipk” gives me “Installing omnewrotate (0.5.2-r0) to root…
    Collected errors:
    * ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for omnewrotate:
    * libframeworkd-glib0 * libframeworkd-glib0 (>= 0.0.1+gitr5dc148e22bab012e8be5e4d9bb98933ad32fb07b) *”
    What is the problem?

  2. Do you have net on the system? Did you do opkg update before?

    It should have been downloaded from the repo…

  3. Some feedback:
    I tested it on SHR and when the screen is in landscape-mode there is a vertical offset when pressing the TS:
    when I press for example an icon on the launch screen: second row, second button; the TS registeres a press on the second button, THIRD row

  4. the wrong offset is fixed after a reboot;
    but i found another one:
    when the screen is in landscape mode; and you flip the phone 180 degrees (so it’s back again in landscape, but “up” has become “down”) then the screen is wrong:
    it’s rather hard to describe and i can’t post a screenshot because gpe-scap and x11vnc show a “normal” screen

    if you can’t reproduce it, please mail me and i’ll try to explain/take a photo of it 🙂

  5. I think I know what you mean, but there isn’t much that can be done about that, I believe it’s got to do with the driver 🙁

  6. I’m here to complain once again 🙂
    It seems that OMnewrotate doesn’t like to share…
    I had first installed the openmokoeightball, and it worked fine (on SHR), after installing OMNewRotate and rebooting it doesn’t respond when I shake the phone.

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