Updates for 2009-08-21

  • @jwildeboer not convinced current hybrids are much better, what they save in gas they pollute in materials/batteries. Waiting for next gen! #
  • @jwildeboer compared to an SUV, yes, but compared to an economical diesel car, not so much. If choice is SUV or Prius, Prius, definitely 🙂 #
  • @sandersch in the Netherlands you should use a bike 😉 Prius and Civic are way too expensive for the company’s leasing plan. Hope for gen+1. #
  • @sandersch I do so envy you, dutch people 🙂 except for the rain… you have too much of it 🙂 #
  • @bugabundo outro #barcampt2009 ? #
  • @bugabundo já vi as datas, certamente não será possível 🙁 #