Updates for 2009-09-21

  • Pode ser irrelevante se o PM mudar, mas… hoje às 12:08 telefonem! #
  • @jwildeboer @karsten sadly, in Portugal, the two biggest political parties (PS and PSD) don’t even bother to answer our questions. #
  • @kimus Netgear ReadyNAS Duo RND2000-100ISS #
  • ♻@ansol O PSD foi o quarto partido candidato às #e09 a responder às perguntas da ANSOL: #
  • @kimus then you’re toast, I don’t know any that has reasonable terms/price. All suck. #
  • Oh wow, someone is making yet another #Google bomb of “search” into Microsoft’s Bing. #
  • @tonnerre it wasn’t in his speech, it was an answer to someone who asked him about #Icaza in codeplex. !fsfe #sdf09 #
  • Esta mania do #gwibber de por vezes confundir os perfis é muita chata… tb right-click menu no campo das msgs é idiota. #
  • @tonnerre lol FDP in Portuguese is the equivalent to SOB in english, so yes, quite apropriate 😉 #