Updates for 2009-09-25

  • #e09 ♻ @ANSOL: Novo artigo: Recomendações de Voto para as Legislativas #
  • @jwildeboer Sure, of course I can pick you up at the same spot, outside. Just tell me when you are about to leave the international area. #
  • @jwildeboer if I’m not online on XMPP you can just text me. #
  • Having beer with @jwildeboer at Radisson Lisboa. We just saw ex-soccer player Figo. #
  • Oh look, there’s Figo again… #
  • LOL “O tempo de antena do PNR esta a passar na RDP África. Nao sei se terá muito sucesso…” #
  • Hey, all #Android fans running Cyanogen must be wishing they had invested into a real open phone! !freerunner #