Updates for 2009-10-25

  • @bkuhn I actually still don’t understand the statement he sent, though. It’s quite confusing, and probably the reason @webmink misrepresents #
  • @bkhun I didn’t know of project Peter… now I do I understand and support @rms and @jamie_love letter to EC. #
  • ♻ @greve Harald Welte’s advice to #Symbian: It’s not (just) the license, stupid! 😉 !FSFE !GNU (via @gnufs) #
  • @webmink I’m really sad Sun couldn’t survive, but to be bought by Oracle… sorry, does not forebode well for my interests 😐 #
  • @webmink I think it’s a loose-loose situation that could only be turned into a win-win or win-neutral by Oracle’s destiny for MySQL. #
  • @webmink if MySQL was relicensed to “GPLv2 or later”, (or “GPLv3 or later”), and a good trademark policy similar to Ubuntu would be better. #
  • Preciso de alguém bem experiente e com mãos de fada para trocar um capacitador do meu telefone, alguém me pode ajudar? #
  • @tonnerre I’m shocked! You’re hard to impress 🙂 that’s good news about !fedora 12 🙂 #