Updates for 2010-01-27

  • «The EPC also plans to remove the patentability exception to computer programs, so as to be consistent with the provisions of TRIPs.» WTF? #
  • @zoobab did you read that in the PDF? EPC is being revised in order to allow #swpat ! #
  • @jwildeboer why does the date matter so much? Is there a later document which contradicts it? #
  • ♺ @rcweir: “OLPC for Haiti” (My two are on the way) #
  • I haven’t given a really good use of my OLPC CM1, I’ll be sad to see it go, but glad to contribute this way. Total OLPC donations from me: 2 #
  • ♺ @webmink: Excellent rationale on Firefox lack of H.264 draws on GIF and MP3 lessons. #
  • ♺ @schestowitz: Former #Microsoft employee announces that #Canonical will send #Ubuntu users to Microsoft’s datacentres #
  • ♺ @notmyfuckingidentica: Hey !foss supporters, here’s a nifty !HTML5 OGG Theora YouTube petition: !playogg !gnu #
  • @jwildeboer if there’s any doubt why we need Neelie, the latest EDRi GRAM says it all! #