Yes, it’s you. But only you…

I posted the following as a comment at some guy’s blog who claims he’s parting with the FSF because of their “hate speech”. I find it so ridiculous that I commented, but then later on thought I should actually make it a blog post. So here it is:

«If you want people to adapt your ideals or products you gotta show them why they are better than what they have been using: Tell them about the brilliant things they get when they use your stuff, tell them about new possibilities

They do just that. When you claim such a thing, I can only guess you never ever heard or read one of Richard Stallman’s speeches.

Campaigns like DefectiveByDesign or Windows7Sins are *very*small* things compared to the rest.

That you should choose your position over them rather than the whole, and totally demonstrate you missed the point of software freedom, is really revealing that you don’t give a damn about your community‘s software freedom.

You just want, like a spoiled child, to run all the software you want at your will, regardless of whether you’re infringing the law.

Want proof? Nothing easier… I’ll just take your own words:

«The FSF should focus on outlining what positive  things a new users gets from FLOSS: Tell people about VLC that allows them to play basically every type of media without hassle

Well, this is false. Many types of media supported by VLC are encumbered by software patents. In the USA, in particular, doing what you “preach” could become a very concrete and real legal liability: they could be accused of enticing people to break the law.

Is that what you think the FSF should be doing? Really? Or you just never sat and thought things through?

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