Updates for 2010-06-26

  • @nathaniel73: good. now any rogue app can use #oauth to steal your data. #
  • ♺ @and3k: 10 ways how to contribute to !floss without being a programmer !fs !foss !gnu !linux !ubuntu !kde !free #
  • @nathaniel73: I take it u haven’t tried implement oauth or u’d understand how much danger your data is in. oauth is bs sec in client apps. #
  • @nathaniel73: Did they explain you the algorithm and how the application secrets are public and spoofable? #
  • @nathaniel73: Did they implement oauth or just used a library? No oauth client I’ve seen protects the secrets, so you’re toast. #
  • Pino and Gwibber better use the GNOME keyring… #
  • @nathaniel73: No, for web applications it’s better than providing user and password, but don’t use it with important non public data. #
  • @nathaniel73: Like emails, contacts, pictures… ring any bells ? #
  • @bkuhn: #Avatar wasn’t a good movie, it was a tourism ad for Pandora and I’m in the queue for the space trip! #