Updates for 2010-07-17

  • What a night. At least hopefully the kids I entertained will be more interested in space thanks to #celestia. #
  • @jwildeboer: So you will hear lots of teen girls having orgasms in the cinema every time there’s a piece of visible flesh? #
  • @jwildeboer: Ah, Bowie’s son. That Moon is awesome! Enjoy! #
  • @glynmoody: isn’t that something that could be read as a human rights violation? #
  • Learning how to give babies a bath… #
  • ♺ @bkuhn: It’s confirmed #Motorola Droid-X !android !linux device is crypto-locked-down Boycott Motorola buy #Google N1 instead #
  • @bkuhn: I wonder if Gigabyte G1385 can work decently with replicant, as that’s what my wife has. #