Letter to DG Int Markt

Dear Mrs *****,

I have to find your answer nothing short of appalling as:

a) it says the European Commission considers that it’s own directive on public procurement is not, to quote your words, a “common approach on how to deal with those in a consistent matter across all EU member states”.

b) your words “the Commission services do not dispose of the expert knowledge required to access technical and complex problems such as those” I have submitted are probably the most extreme and voluntary admission of incompetence that I have ever had knowledge about as…

c) there is nothing complex about an extremely clear violation of EU and national law when a public procurement restricts competition in the internal market by explicitly excluding all non Microsoft suppliers by demanding computers with Microsoft Windows.

Thus, I demand to know:

1) what information was given by the Portuguese authorities;

2) documentation on what your services did during all these years regarding this issue and

3) who do I appeal to, as it is evident that DG Internal Market either does not have the know how, or wants to do its job.

Best regards,
Rui Seabra