Humour: Internet connected operating systems and sex

This one is on me, and here it goes:

Using computers connected to the Internet may be a bit like going around looking for sex.

Using Microsoft Windows is like going to parties and have sex with a lot of really interesting people… without protection. You either get pregnant, a disease or both. Except in real life you can’t start over from scratch.

Using Mac is like paying for grade AAA hookers. You can still get pregnant or a disease, but you’ll just say it’s a very random bad luck case. Except in real life you can’t claim your warranty in order to get a replacement. If you’re lucky to know you have two years rather than one, you’re living in the EU.

Using GNU/Linux is like having a loving, sexy and trustful partner. Even if you don’t have a lifelong relationship, you know your next one will be as loving, sexy and trustful. And you can get to know all about them.

That’s about it for my humour today 🙂