Damned slow insurance, grrr

Last Saturday, almost a full week ago, my Google Nexus 7 touchscreen was broken in three pieces. I was able to back it up without resigning myself to a few-weeks-old backup and appealed to the insurance I did on purchase.

After giving them all information they asked for in the contract, they contact me two whole days afterwards demanding pictures and full details of the accident in order to open the process. Wait, what? If they needed that, couldn’t they put it in the contract text? Really? Was it so hard?

Ok, I send them that. Two more days pass without a reply. This is unacceptable and I wrote them in protest.

Not one hour had passed, and they came back to me with a case number and that the process had been accepted.

So now I go back to the shop and… it has to be sent to the brand (Google/Asus) in order to see how hard/expensive it is to repair and then in at most 90 days (good grief) I will get either a repaired Nexus or a new one.

Now… this is seriously hurting my workflow, I was already fully addicted to being able to do ANSOL work in almost any place, being up to date with current events, socialize and so forth.

This is really frustrating.