updates for Wed, 8 Apr 2009…

At Wed Apr 08 7:53:02 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Os verdadeiros custo de migrar para Software Livre:,1000002985,39635251,00.htm (surpresa surpresa, há uma diminuição drática dos custos…)
At Wed Apr 08 12:31:49 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@sampattuzzi: even if the !frerunner doesn’t come with Om2009, it won’t be too hard to upgrade when it comes out.
At Wed Apr 08 12:32:08 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@sampattuzzi: what do you mean the !freerunner doesn’t work??? I use it as my daily phone! 🙂
At Wed Apr 08 12:36:20 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@sampattuzzi: I’m using Om2008.12 It is incredibly buggy, but as my main objective was to get a Free Software phone… I tolerate it 🙂
At Wed Apr 08 13:37:20 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
@sampattuzzi: I haven’t the foggiest idea. FSO solves some problems, but also introduces a lot more 🙂 !freerunner
At Wed Apr 08 18:01:02 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Bah, is there an #xpud mirror or torrent? Their site download is completely toasted 🙁
At Wed Apr 08 18:14:22 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Sócrates virou nacionalista? (o que associado ao socialismo trás más memórias) Apoiar Durão Barroso só por ser Tuga… *supiro* #deb15
At Wed Apr 08 20:13:30 +0000 2009, @ruiseabra said:
Grrrr #wpmu installed cleanly, but gives a bad request on wp-admin. “&%#”&%$#&”