Updates for 2010-05-12

  • ♺ @BoingBoing: UK Prime Minister Cameron was in a rich Oxford brats club that destroyed restaurants for fun #
  • @marcusharrison yes but support for AMD cards lags a bit, so don’t expect the fancy new ones to be well supported, but gen-1 usually ok #
  • @marcusharrison my laptop’s been suspending & resuming without any problem, it mostly depends of other factors. Suspend solves a compiz bug. #
  • ♺ @jerezim: 5 jours pour répondre (mm partiellement) à la consultation du Gouv. sur la Neutralité du Net! (pls RT!) #
  • Se o Papa pode peregrinar até Fátima de helicóptero, o que é que isso diz dos peregrinos que vão lá de joelhos? 🙂 #
  • @gbraad I absolutely agree, as well. #DRBD rocks! #
  • @mmiicc indeed, I ended up giving up having a photo manager other than the file system 🙂 #
  • @tonnerre I’ve read of DRBD being used to have a storage cluster from coast-to-coast in the USA. #
  • @tonnerre and if you have no external storage (because someone didn’t want to buy that for you), it’s a great way to solve a problem. #
  • ♺ @glynmoody: #Torture Supporter Peter Ricketts as #UK National Security Adviser – not so good (via @PoliceStateUK) #
  • ♺ @zoobab EPO EBOA:When judiciary-driven legal development meets its limits, it is time for the legislator to take over #
  • ♺ @jwildeboer: @zoobab the EPO putting itself above the law must end NOW. But our so-called politicians in Brussels will not care. #
  • ♺ @zoobab: @jwildeboer Yes but national politicians will care. Stop Software Patents, the national road. #
  • ♺ @zoobab: EPO can continue to grant numerous software patents as it is doing for
    more than a decade #