Updates for 2010-07-31

  • You’ve all heard about @wikileaks but now there’s another player in space: @WookieLeaks reveals the truth throughout the empire. #
  • ♺ @dos: New !SHR unstable available for om-gta01 and om-gta02; htcdream still building. Please test them (esp. gta01) and report issues! #
  • ♺ @dos: You may need to manually load modules for WiFi, bt etc. though, when not using udev. That’s known and we’re working on that. !SHR #
  • !elmdentica in new !SHR is too old and predates some important fixes. #
  • How to tell !elmdentica is too old? If it still shows ‘twitter oauth’ in account types then it’s too old. #
  • ♺ @phoronix: Is OpenSolaris About To Be Forked As Illumos? #
  • @pietercolpaert: Cool, about the same but with a few less bugs and faster. new module loading bug will hopefully be fixed soon !SHR #
  • @dos: current svn is better now. should crash less, also. #
  • ♺ @wikileaks US tries to infiltrate us via bribing supporters at MIT | NYT > close your loop #