Updates for 2010-09-12

  • @glynmoody: You also have to pay for maintenance,usually. In that regard the best thing to do is centralization of websites under same mngmt #
  • @glynmoody: we also have that problem in Portugal with websites costing several dozens of thousands and worse: absolute crapware. #
  • @michelenlared: tenga calma tio que estas poluindo !ubuntu como un perro raivoso #
  • RT @glynmoody African Traditional Knowledge And Folklore Given IP Protection Despite Warning Of TK Commodification –
  • RT @zyth !openmoko !freerunner Community Updates/2010-09-01 (Period 2010-08-01 to 2010-08-31) #
  • RT @glynmoody RT @wikileaks ‘CIA should kill Julian Assange’ >>nice #wikileaks #
  • @michelenlared: aun continuas spammando !ubuntu con tus trollices? #
  • Just added @michelenlared to my gag list in !elmdentica. Other clients should add this anti troll feature #