#Leonid #meteor shower in broad daylight!

I first though ISON broke in many pieces, but I read that we’re in the Leonid meteor season. The new thing (to me) is crossing their path in broad daylight, and it was amazing.

I woke up too late to try to find it even though today was going to be a clear day, but still I decided to look outside, already the Sun up, but I had a feeling… and lo and behold: I saw several (at least 6) blazing horizontal trails of white light moving very fast.

Cool! 6 comets meteors in a few seconds! 🙂

Sadly I was too amazed to take pictures of this scenery, so I have to draw it, this is how it looked:

Diagram of the six meteors i saw
Diagram of the six meteors i saw

After a bath I looked outside again and sure enough those parts were gone, but two more were visible.

leonid_20131124_082926 leonid_20131124_082932 leonid_20131124_083020

I just peeked outside and another one was quickly skipping through the sky.


Did this just really happen or was it another phenomena?

Are these meteors or is it really the light of the new child comets which are moving so blazingly-but-not-light-speed fast?

Here’s a short video of the last piece I saw, it’s faintly visible, but it’s there!

Short Leonid shower video

I was sad to have missed it, but I might have seen something even more amazing!