Bye bye, #Paypal! You should not have harassed #Wikileaks

I’ve just cancelled my Paypal account because I can’t agree with their actions regarding #Wikileaks. They should  not have prevented them from getting donations, either by harassing them or harassing other customers who donated (if true).

I don’t support #DDOS attacks, they’ve made my attempts to cancel the account much harder, and my cancelling of the account shows a better protest than making it harder for innocent people to do their business.

Update: it was a bit hard to do because of the #DDOS, but eventually I did it.

#PayPal. No longer «the world's most-loved way to pay and be paid.» #wikileaks

#iamwikileaks Mirror #wikileaks, but do it a litte more safely…

Wikileaks is, in my humble opinion, a laudable cause. Even if you don’t like Wikileaks because of what they do, there are reasons to defend them at such a time where they’re being attacked by the powers that be.

It is why I decided to also be a mirror of their mass mirroring project for as long as I can hold it. You should too, even if you don’t like them 🙂 At this time there are just over 76 sites, but that’s actually very few mirrors if you’re fighting the almighty owners of ICANN: the USA government.

However their instructions require you to take a huge leap of faith: not only the best way to do this mirror is with rsync via ssh, but also you would have to trust them to manage your Apache installation via a .htaccess file.

This isn’t so good, so here’s how to help them without surrendering everything…

  1. Prepare the (ssh) account for user fubarwl (no, not my real user)
    1. I use OpenSSH with fairly restrictive configuration, but still I used a Match User to forbid any kind of forwarding
    2. At ~fubarwl/.ssh/authorized_keys I put no-user-rc at the beginning, just before their ssh-key
    3. I also did a chattr -R +i ~fubarwl
  2. Install rssh (useful hints on the setup here)
    1. I don’t use it for anything else, so in it’s config I only enabled rsync support (just uncomment the line with allowrsync)
    2. I created a filesystem on a file with dd if=/dev/zero of=wikileaks.img bs=1M count=4096 and mke2fs wikileaks.img and mount it at a designated path (henceforth CHROOT) with the following options: defaults,loop,nodev,noatime,nodiratime
    3. At this filesystem, I setup the root of rssh’s chroot path.
    4. The chroot helper didn’t do it’s job properly for rsync, so I needed to copy some extra libs into CHROOT/lib:* ,* and*
    5. Also had to copy rsync into CHROOT/usr/bin
    6. Created a CHROOT/home/fubarwl with permissions for that user
    7. Created a CHROOT/etc/passwd with only one entry for that user
  3. Now it’s possible to rsync files into that directory, and the remote user has no way (short of a chroot bug) to change his ~foobarwl/.ssh
  4. Setup Apache
    <VirtualHost YourSite:80>
            ServerName YourSite
            ServerAdmin YourAdmin
            TransferLog logs/http-YourSite-access_log
            ErrorLog logs/http-YourSite-error_log
            DocumentRoot CHROOT/home/fubarwl
            BandWidthModule On
            BandWidth all YourLimit
            RewriteEngine On
            RewriteRule media/support.html  /support.html [R=301,L]
            RewriteRule media/about.html  /about.html [R=301,L]
            <Directory CHROOT/home/fubarwl>
                    AllowOverride None
  5. Tell wikileaks your hostname, user (fubarwl) and path /home/fubarwl