I’m a Portuguese blogger who usually writes in Portuguese. However, I’ve come to feel the need to vent out some latent poison, and this need is international :). I really try to contain it, but sometimes I don’t vent out soon enough and then it happens in places where more restraint would prove to have been better.

As such, I’m dedicating a Category on this blog, where I will vent out my worst angers, and I do fore warn you, dear reader:

  • it may taste like the sour poison it is,
  • it may make a tourette syndrome victim blush,
  • it may even perchance make you hate me…

…but that is your prerogative. This is my space, not yours. You can turn away, you can even ignore this Category on your blog subscription, just add “&cat=-36” from the feed URL, or click here to update your subscription (note: apparently it isn’t working, so I’m using the advanced category excluder extension to prevent it from going into the feed reader unexpectedly).

Don’t take the contents personally. If you do, please analyze why you did so. Did you lack restraint yourself when referring to me? Would it not have been saner if you hadn’t, and had instead chosen another path?

Anyway, be warned. Read at your own discretion. I promise to have a softer approach in the first paragraph just before the “More” meta-tag, maybe that’ll give time to skip to the next item on your feed reader.

I need this venting out.

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  1. @offtopic: caro vizinho, costumo ler os seus posts via “liferea”. De há uns dias para cá, deixei de conseguir visualizar os comentários, o que me obriga a aceder directamente, via browser, ao blog. Mas isto faz-se? Ou é do calor? :PP

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