Elmdentica release 0.6.0

ElmDentica (the Tuga release), is now translatable and the first included localization is Portuguese (hence Tuga) 🙂

Elmdentica 0.6.0 in action (in portuguese)
Elmdentica 0.6.0 in action (in portuguese)

It will also now launch a browser if you confirm after pressing on a link. Right now, the following browser choice is made:

  1. this version of woosh (sig), which I hacked to load urls passed with the -u flag
  2. or midori
  3. or dillo
  4. or xdg-open

Download and enjoy:

5 Replies to “Elmdentica release 0.6.0”

  1. Hi Rui,

    since i am not into coding or something, but want to contribute a bit as well, i just translated your pt_PT.po file to german, and saved it as de_DE.po file on http://tschaka.ts.ohost.de/de_DE.po
    hopefully this is the right way to translate such a thing (never did this before).
    on 3 entries a added comments (you will see them by scrolling down), asking for the actual meaning, but all in all, the translation should be quite usable.

    If there are questions left, just send me an e-mail.


  2. Thank you very much. Maybe you could check with elmdentica.pot for the english strings in order to check the meaning?

    Meanwhile, I’m commiting your file to the svn trunk.

  3. You’re welcome and thanks for your fast commiting. Within the pt_PT file, there were the english meanings, i just replaced the portugese ones, and translated from english. however on 3 things i was a little bit unsure. anyway, i guess if it doesnt fit, somebody else may will commit 🙂
    Did you remove the comments from the po file, or shall i do and reupload, before you commit to svn?


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