Updates for 2009-08-30

  • @spam: new #spammer on the bock: @Sandoval614 #
  • Damn, my media center is freezing while playing media 🙁 #
  • Does anyone have any info on the status of freeness of the drivers for Nokia 900 ? There’s a disturbing silence in that regard… #
  • @jwildeboer that’s maemo 5, but I can’t find anything reassuring. #
  • @jwildeboer quim is very silent on that regard, people complain about it in the comments and nobody addresses it. Not reassuring, as I said. #
  • @jwildeboer less open thank Nokia, perhaps, but I don’t really care for Android. !openmoko is flourishing now it’s free from the company. #
  • @jwildeboer And I disagree that Nokia isn’t hiding the facts, they’re playing it as “so open” and yet… #
  • @jwildeboer no, but you can have them on their own chip and talk to them with AT commands (which is how OM does GSM) #
  • root@om-gta02 ~ $ cat /proc/sys/kernel/tainted == 0 #
  • Not likely to buy Nokia 900 due to so many bullshit at #
  • Nokia N900 bullshit: Nokia avoids safety risks and liabilities that could be caused by freeing access to certain hardware components. #
  • Nokia N900 bullshit: IPR & licensing issues: Nokia avoids serious risks brought by patents, copyrights or complicated licensing situations. #
  • Nokia N900 bullshit: Legacy: Nokia keeps some components minimally maintained – the work of opening them has an unclear outcome. #
  • Nokia N900 bullshit: Brand: Nokia wants to keep a strong brand and identity avoiding any risks of dilution. #
  • Nokia IPR reasons for keeping some software closed are total bullshit: 1) Nokia promotes software patents, 2) #swpat affects closed as well. #
  • @bugabundo ah, portanto és daqueles que se habilitam até 3 anos de cadeia? #
  • @bugabundo bah #
  • ♻ @schestowitz: Hurry Up, Vista 7, Hurry Up… You’re SO Behind GNU/Linux * #
  • trade #
  • this is a test #
  • test #
  • @bugabundo sadly it didn’t work, twice 😐 #
  • @MrSteed: odeio tanto intervalos nas sessões de cinema que nem sequer o meu dinheiro lhes deixo. Não vou a esses cinemas. #

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