Updates for 2010-06-16

  • Tou? Tou xim? ♺ @JNegocios: PSD propõe possibilidade de acumular salário com parte do subsídio de desemprego #
  • Outro "acidente"? ♺ @JNegocios: Inscritos nos centros de emprego sofreram maior descida em mais de três anos #
  • ♺ @wikileaks IMMI has passed! The Icelandic government unanimously supports press freedoms and will put IMMI into law! More soon #
  • ♺ @bjunior: EU’s president talks about the risk of ‘democracy collapse’ in GR, PT and SP. perfect timing #worldcup #irony #
  • @carlopiana: #gwibber should use the keyring! #
  • ♺ @glynmoody: What will Iceland’s new media laws mean for journalists? – useful first analysis #iceland #journalism #
  • ♺ @dmaphy: ♺ @robmyers: RT @mattl Sign the FSF petition against ACTA — Freedom, not compromise — !fsf !gnu !lp !dbd #
  • Damn, sorry for the group spam, even if for a good cause… #