Updates for 2010-09-23

  • RT @jmcesteves Ken Thompson: “Reflections on Trusting Trust” #
  • @jmcesteves: A questao e q la porque em direitos civis ela e ma, pode ser boa em obrigacoes da AP no q diz respeito a @transparencia/crrpcao #
  • RT @jmcesteves Orlando Braga: “Maria José Morgado e as bases de dados de ADN” #
  • WRT Gallo report, see why #acta won’t change EU legislation? By the time they have to implement it, it’ll be the current law! #
  • RT @schestowitz For those who don’t know, Gates bought the Guardian. It’s tainted now
  • RT @reality I put all the remaining gin in one drink. #
  • @zach: @ahfornitani careful with overflows! #