Be careful what you wish for… #foodforthought #censorship

This is the result of not only originally from a) copyright maximalism extremists lobby but also, more recently, from b) pressure by people who can’t handle offence from the right with all the “cancel culture” calls.

The problem is… you have just opened the door for people who can’t handle offence from the left, get it?

You can’t ask for censorship of things you don’t like without giving the legal tools for censorship of the things you do like from a guy you don’t like. Like Trump.

I’ve been saying for years that places like the closed garden social networks provide a space to speak your mind, but they *do* have the right to restrict your speech in their own walled garden.

However… the moment they started editorializing (and they not only can do it, they actively do it when they manipulate our feeds, insert ads, etc…) they opened themselves up to existing regulation.

Regulation that is now being abused by the Trump administration.

Congratulations, lobbyists and snowflakes, you got what you asked for.

Can we now work to fix this?

Is it even fixable without exiting the huge social networks, making people loose all the network effects from vast networks?

I’m not sure it is, but it certainly is awake up call.

There are other options like the Fediverse, where you can build your own social network that integrates with others, but Facebook and Twitter will never allow federation, nor any other successful (by numbers or regulation like in China) social network.