LCHF keeps fixing lil’old me

So… after about 5 months, a checkpoint.

No weight measures, that fluctuates a lot. More important… belt holes and belt perimeter,  that’s wearing the same belt, from start up until now.

The relation I had, when I started, was 1st/2nd hole, according to my fullness sensation after meals.

Now… today I noticed I’m just about to start this relation on the 5th and 6th holes, I can already use the 6th hole, but it’s not comfortable enough yet for using it the whole day. Maybe a week more, who knows…

That’s about 10 cm less in my belt perimeter! 🙂

I’m now wearing this very cool 501’s I bought in early 2010… better than when I tried them on, then.

There’s still a lot to go, but I’m almost afraid the people I know won’t recognize me by next FOSDEM 🙂

Upcoming next, my current favorite breakfast. WARNING: not for the faint of heart, specially those that still demonize fat and favor carbon hydrates.