Cholesterol is fine and double digits, here I come!

3 months after I moved to Low Carbon High Fat diet, I had my yearly health check exams from my job. 3 months afterward, I finally got the results. Now… to make sure I should make new exams now and cross check, I’ll do that, but remember that the following is well after 3 months eating stuff most people claimed was going to either kill me or maim me in terms of cholesterol 🙂

  • Total cholesterol, 179 mg/dl (desirable is below 200 mg/dl)
  • LDL, 115 mg/dl (desirable is between 100 and 129 mg/dl)
  • HDL, 39 mg/dl (desirable is between 40 and 49 mg/dl, but according to my exam results the desirable is beteen 35 and 55 mg/dl so, ok)
  • Triglicerides, 124 mg/dl (desirable is below 150 mg/dl)
  • Weight: 104,5 Kg (starting from well over 116 Kg, which is what I weighted 3 months after I started, more or less)
  • Belt holes, starting to tighten the belt at the 7th hole (I was at the first two of seven when I changed my diet) and last weekend I had 6 more holes punctured in it.

The desirable values are according to the Mayo Clinic, I don’t know if they’re trustworthy, but are somewhat congruent to what my exam results indicators claim.

So if anything, I have to improve a little on the HDL which is a hairline lower than the desirable levels 🙂